To Humble Endings – A Fall Fruit Bowl

I believe that when friends come over for dinner they come for the atmosphere of a good, simple home cooked meal and great conversation (& much love & wine) and not for a restaurant-quality three course experience. Having friends over for dinner out one’s house, ideally, allows everyone to just relax and have a wonderful time together. What is not to like?

And so when friends come over, I love a good old fruit bowl. A glorious fruit bowl is not only simple (and does not require a lot of prep time or money), but if you select the ripest and most perfect seasonal fruit you can get, it is the most glorious (and memorable) dessert – also in fall!

A Fall Clementine & Date Fruit Bowl

  • Perfectly ripe clementines
  • Sweet dates
  • Some fresh mint

Go and get some perfectly sweet & tangy clementines, add some lovely decadent and sugary dried dates with some refreshing mint on the side. Peel the tangerines and arrange everything in a beautiful bowl or, like I did, on a cake stand. And there you have it: a lush fall fruit bowl. Enjoy!

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